A seamless integration between Bosch B and G Series Control Panels and Connect ONE by Connected Technologies LLC makes it simple for dealers to add intrusion detection and access control services from a single panel while using one interface to manage every customer.

We’re excited to be working with Connected Technologies to offer this service to our dealers, whose feedback has been extremely positive as they continue to add customers,” said Tom Mechler, regional marketing manager for Bosch. “This leading integration provides a complete intrusion and access control service along with mobile credentialing.”

Mike Simon, managing partner and co-founder of Connected Technologies, added, “The integration between Bosch panels and Connect ONE allows dealers to customize services that meet their business goals and customer’s needs — from residential to both small and large commercial projects. It’s a complete, robust platform for intrusion and access control, with no need for a separate access control panel or hardware.”

Connect ONE also works in conjunction with the Remote Connect Cloud Service from Bosch, offering cloud-based connectivity to its B and G Series intrusion panels for remote programming and end-user app connectivity. This capability makes it easier to connect and program control panels without extensive IT experience or dedicated IT personnel. Remote Connect Cloud Service eliminates the need to change customer router settings, incoming firewall rules or use Domain Name Service (DNS) to access the systems remotely.

Visit www.simplifywithconnectone.com for more information.