35 New Sessions Make Debut at 2018 CEDIA Expo


Business owners, salespeople, designers, project managers and network specialists who want to stay competitive in the built environment/connected technology industry need a deep understanding of both current and emerging technologies. This year’s CEDIA Expo, Sept. 6-8 at the San Diego Convention Center, provides concentrated access to new products, breakthrough innovations and targeted training in tech integration. As many as 35 new sessions will debut at CEDIA Expo, bringing the total session offerings to 110.


Here’s a sneak peek at a few new sessions:


Diagnosing Power Problems and How They Affect System Performance  

Sept. 4, 4-5 p.m.

In this session, led by presenter Lauren Simmen, learn the importance of power protection products in the integration of AV systems. This training will provide integrators with in-depth knowledge on how to effectively diagnose power anomalies that can disrupt product performance and derail expensive and intricate systems. Find out how to manage and mitigate problems to allow for more optimized system infrastructure and performance.


The “Micro” Showroom: Presenting a Real-world Experience

Sept. 5, 1-2 p.m. 

Presenters Hemant Daya and Evonne Daya will share insight into how to create a valuable showroom experience for customers even with constraints on budget and shop size. Learn about budget considerations, design, customer walk-through scenarios, collaboration with distributors, and involvement with interior designers, builders, electricians and real estate agents. Experience the process from start to finish and learn the pitfalls, tips, tricks, and what to expect in order to confidently create your own showroom.


How to Win at Usability — The UX (User Experience) Workshop

Sept. 5, 2-5 p.m.

Do you write user manuals for your installs? With the right control methods and an empathy-driven interface, manuals become unnecessary. Find out how digital devices now work more intuitively than ever before, thanks to a process called User Experience (UX). This workshop, led by presenters Geoff Meads and Mark Warburton, will explore the UX process by examining user needs and expectations in a mix of group exercises and tasks. Attendees will develop a solid UX process from initial client meeting to final interface design. The class will be guided by a holistic approach to whole-building control for a variety of users that ensures the final system “just works.”


SMS: Sell More S*&t Using Science and Psychology

Sept. 7, 1-2:30 p.m.

Led by presenter Dave Chace, this course will examine the consumer thought process and focus on the science and psychology that drive human behaviors: the mechanics of building relationships, why and how people make decisions, what influences those decisions, and more. Learn empirically proven strategies that can be leveraged throughout each step of the home integration selling process, resulting in larger system sales and a higher closing ratio. Chace will illustrate several cases where simple psychological principles had a profound influence on sales results; how one company was able to increase sales more than 25 percent by modifying a small phrase in a sales pitch, and how a charitable organization increased donations 78 percent by implementing one simple change. This fun, enlightening discussion will give attendees a new perspective on how to approach the selling process.


Understanding and Implementing HDMI over IP in Distribution Networks

Sept. 7, 9-10 a.m.

This comprehensive session, led by presenter Frank Santos, will feature an intro to HDMI technology, the benefits of HDMI, drivers of growth and adoption, and examples of how to implement HDMI over IP networks. Santos will cover specific use-cases of HDMI over IP in distribution systems and the benefits of these systems including security, and how integrators can leverage them for stronger client projects. Integrators will leave with a strong understanding of how and why they should implement HDMI over IP distribution systems in their installations across residential and commercial applications.



Control4 to Sponsor First-Ever Design Connection Tours


Control4 will be the sponsor for the debut Design Connection tour series at CEDIA Expo next month. The Design Connection tours will take place during CEDIA Expo, Sept. 6-8, at the San Diego Convention Center. Control4 Senior Vice President of Marketing Susan Cashen expressed the company’s enthusiasm for connecting integrated technology experts with design and construction professionals at CEDIA Expo.


“Architects, builders, and developers have the same goal as technology integrators: to finish each project with a satisfied client,” Cashen said. “Technology should support a home’s stylish design and atmosphere, rather than diminish it. We believe there is essential connection between the aesthetic of a home and the technology it encompasses; the two should blend seamlessly and effortlessly to elevate the overall design and create a more inviting and comfortable lifestyle for its homeowners. For us, being a part of CEDIA’s Design Connection Tours helps us support our goals to further align design and technology in this industry.”


Dedicated to the industries of home entertainment, smart lighting, climate control, safety and security, networking, and voice control, Control4 advocates for integrators to connect with designers in order to create beautifully connected and user-friendly living environments.


CEDIA Expo’s Design Connection tours will be led by David VanWert, principal of VanWert Technology Design, and Joe Whitaker, president of Thoughtful Home Design and member of the CEDIA board of directors. The two industry leaders will guide 10 to 15 certified designers to selected exhibitor booths for product overviews and Q&As with brand representatives.


Click here to see the list of design professionals participating in the inaugural Design Connection Tours.



Exhibitor Spotlight: Some New & Noteworthy 2018 Exhibitors


CEDIA Expo announced the national and international brands making their debut at CEDIA Expo 2018. These exhibitors will be at the show scheduled to take place Sept., 6-8 at the San Diego Convention Center.


Streamlabs — Booth 418

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), manufacturer of plumbing brands SharkBite, Cash Acme and Holdrite, presents the new Streamlabs Smart Home Water Monitor. Providing early leak detection notification and real-time data about water consumption habits, the Streamlabs Smart Home Water Monitor customizes alerts on water consumption using a mobile app and encourages a conservation mindset for users.


Visit www.streamlabswater.com for more information.


Ceratec Audio Design GMBH — Booth 1839

Ceratec’s Cerasonar is an entirely invisible loudspeaker technology with excellent sound quality that is also incomparably simple and cost-effective to install, the company described. With a large variety of speakers made in Germany, Ceratec offers affordable, high-quality and easy-to-install audio products, it said. The product range comprises three basic lines, customized for a wide variety of requirements. Retrofit is ideal for subsequent installation, Concept is suitable as a beginner’s series even for wet rooms and Reference offers an impressive sound experience featuring high playback volumes and rich bass due to a subwoofer.


Visit www.cerasonar.de for more information. 


Jonard Tools — Booth 943

Jonard Tools creates world-class tools that deliver optimal performance. Jonard engineers work directly with customers to develop patented tools, toolkits, glow rods, cable caddies and more. “The RDT-18K Telescopic Pole is perfectly suited for spanning ceilings and voids with any kind of cable,” said Ed Scirbona, director of engineering at Jonard Tools. Stop by booth 943 to be entered to win the RDT-18K Telescoping Pole.


Visit www.jonard.com for more information.