In honor of National Fire Prevention Month, Per Mar Security Services, a provider of total security solutions for residential and commercial clients based in Davenport, Iowa, announced it will donate $5,000 to fire safety and prevention programs in its communities.

In 1980, Per Mar established its own charity fund, which is an internal account funded completely by employees and the company. Since 2001, Per Mar has matched every employee contribution dollar for dollar. The charity fund gives monetary support to organizations that work to alleviate community problems and strengthen cultural and educational programs within the communities it operates. To date, Per Mar’s charity fund donations total $1.3 million and counting.

This past month, Per Mar employees significantly increased their contributions to the charity fund, which Per Mar will match. In recognition of the increase in contributions, Per Mar is doing an additional match of $5,000 to be donated immediately to Fire Safety and Prevention Programs. Each branch will receive $250 to donate to a local fire safety program in its community.

Brian Duffy, president of the Electronic Security Division said, “We appreciate that our employees are dedicated to giving back to our communities through our charity fund, and we are excited to do an additional match of $5,000 to further fire safety and prevention efforts in our communities.”