Orion’s DoorGuard system utilizes LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology. The core component of the DoorGuard system is the S3 sensor developed by Quanergy. This small solid-state sensor is ideal for applications requiring object detection at doorways and entry locations. DoorGuard leapfrogs existing technology for accuracy and performance and can be added into current security systems. The DoorGuard unit is mounted above a door and integrates to the access system and Orion’s proprietary Infinity software. The LIDAR smart sensing technology generates a half million data points per second with signal processors that calculate the time-of-flight of each light pulse. The end result is significantly more accuracy that protects points of entry from unauthorized access. The Quanergy S3 sensor communicates directly with Orion’s technology systems and the Infinity Remote Lane Control software to link to perimeter doors and stairwells. It can detect tailgating and can set off warnings if a door is open for too long or has been propped open.  

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