The WX Infinity series of outdoor PIRs comprises two wired and two wireless models available either as the standard or anti-masking version. The WXI sensors can provide two independent 90-deg. 40 ft. detection areas, one for the left side and one for the right. The detection distance ranges from 8 ft. to 40 ft., and the sensitivity and alarm output can be set up independently for these areas. An area-masking shutter allows a sliding mechanism to quickly mask an area and makes the detection area narrower to avoid obstructions such as swaying vegetation. The set-up procedure has been made easier by including an automatic walk test mode to ensure a quicker and more accurate installation. The sensors’ analytics filter out noises that are common in outdoor environments, and also distinguish between humans and small- to medium-sized animals thanks to their Super Multidimensional Analysis logic. The sensors also include temperature compensation and double conductive shielding.