PCSC, a designer and manufacturer of access control solutions and Coolfire Solutions, a St. Louis-based software company known for creating military-grade situational awareness platforms are collaborating to deliver top-level capabilities for access and security.

Coolfire Solutions created its Ronin Platform to deliver software that sits on top of existing systems and infrastructure to transform data into actionable intelligence. Originally developed for the U.S. military, the Ronin Platform is being widely adopted by industry leaders and organizations that recognize the importance of placing the right data, in the right hands, in real time, so intelligent decisions can be made.

Stacking the Ronin Platform on top of the data provided by PCSC’s LiNC-NXG physical security information management system provides a robust, real-time common operational picture, visually representing physical security events, and enabling a coordinated security response. For instance, urgent security-related event details are pushed to mobile devices of nearby security officials for immediate action. An additional benefit, in the case of an on-premises environment, the underlying access management system is not exposed; only the top-level data is managed.

“It’s an extremely impressive GUI for our industry and an actionable set of features extend the capabilities of PCSC’s access solutions for real-time response; the expansion possibilities are virtually limitless, too,” said Mas Kosaka, president and CEO of PCSC.

“Coolfire Solutions and PCSC have the experience and capabilities to transform the way security professionals do their job every day,” said Don Sharp, CEO at Coolfire Solutions. “We can maximize the value of existing technology investments by combining data from any source and making it actionable. Security professionals have an incredibly challenging job and it’s only getting tougher. By bringing all of their critical data onto a single pane of glass we can increase the level of security while driving significant operational efficiencies.”

Visit pcscsecurity.com or coolfiresolutions.com for more information.