PCSC, a designer and manufacturer of access control solutions, entered into a strategic partnership with INEX/ZAMIR, a provider of ALPR solutions and services. This partnership will allow for the collaboration between the two companies’ products, development and further integration. As a result, sales channels can begin offering this new integrated solution.

INEX/ZAMIR’s automatic license plate readers (LPR) and its IZServer software are designed to fully integrate with PCSC’s LiNC-NXGTM system. The integration between INEX/ZAMIR license plate readers and PCSC enables the system to use vehicle license plates to grant or deny facility access. An imager captures license plate numbers. These numbers are then matched against license plate data in the LiNC-NXGTM LPR database. On a match, the corresponding user ID number is sent to the access panel associated with a gate or barrier. The controller processes the user ID number through its normal authorization logic as if a card was presented at a reader and then controls whether access is permitted.

By utilizing a vehicle’s license plate as a user credential, the system requires no additional equipment such as RFID chips and barcodes, making this system inexpensive and reliable, according to an announcement issued by the companies. Using the license plate as the credential requires no interaction from the driver.

“We are pleased to announce the joint strategic partnership between INEX/ZAMIR and PCSC,” said Roman Prilutsky, INEX/ZAMIR’s CEO. “The partnership is based on INEX/ZAMIR’s product features, which offer reliable license plate recognition solutions with superior read performance of all plate types in any weather and lighting conditions. PCSC products, such as their LiNC-NXGTM software, integrated with INEX/ZAMIR’s IZServer, provide effective vehicle access control solutions. We are looking forward to working with a company that has such a fine reputation for quality products and technological innovation.”

Mas Kosaka, president and CEO of PCSC, said, “The value of our partnership with INEX/ZAMIR allows PCSC to offer our customers a single, comprehensive and integrated license plate recognition solution. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to form this relationship with INEX/ZAMIR. We know that it will strengthen our positioning in the marketplace and industry. We’re looking forward to our continued success.”

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