Legrand North and Central America, a provider of power, light and data technologies for homes, work places and data centers, announced it is undertaking a plan to expand the scope of its strategic IoT alliances for both residential and commercial applications.

Since launching Eliot, the company’s global IoT program in 2016, Legrand has forged over 50 global partnerships, working with some of the world’s largest companies in the consumer electronics, hospitality and automotive markets. Additionally, the company’s developer program and simple APIs enable partners to quickly design and integrate Legrand interoperability into their solutions.

“We believe in strengthening our partnerships and collaborating with other manufacturers that share our vision for purposeful design and delivering a more valuable connected user experience in the future," said Manny Linhares, director of IoT strategy, Legrand North and Central America. "Our underlying goal with any partner is to focus our combined innovation to make the technology experience more intuitive, provide better value and help make the user more productive.”

Today, Legrand’s IoT partner portfolio is comprised of organizations in a range of sizes — from start-ups to leading global manufacturers, to developers and service providers. Partnering with Legrand will also provide companies with the benefit of access to new mechanical platforms, potential new customers in additional markets and the opportunity to scale and drive new innovations through the combined resources and information of both organizations.

“The scale and ubiquity of IoT will only continue to emphasize the need for technology providers to work more closely together to create experiences that fully realize the promise of IoT and allow it to deliver a higher level of value we all know to be possible,” Linhares said. 

For more information on Legrand’s Eliot program, visit www.legrand.us/eliot.