While you may not have heard of 2N products, they have been big in Europe for years. Recently, the company was purchased by Axis Communications, which has brought this line of intercom, door station and access control products to the North American market. 

The 2N door stations are built to withstand weather and vandalism based on the Ingress Protection (IP) and the IK (Impact Protection) standards from the IEC (Import Export Code). While the IP rating depends on a device’s environmental protection, the IK code provides a rating for potential impact attack.

For example, the 2N IP Verso modular intercom is rated IP54, indicating that it is protected from water spray from any direction. The Verso is IK8 rated, meaning that it can withstand an impact of a 3 ¾ pound object dropped from a roughly one foot distance.  

I have viewed these products at various equipment shows and there is no question in my mind about the overall engineering, strength and durability of the hardware. But that’s not the real story. With the quick installation of an app and address into my Android smartphone I was able to communicate with the intercom station, open and close the door locking circuit, and view the video stream image from the 2N door station.

2N produces fully modular intercom, access control and door control functions that can be configured in any way a client may desire. The 2N IP Verso is a two or three module intercom that can include an IP camera, Bluetooth connectivity (the smart phone can be the access credential), 10,000 contacts in the intercom directory and mobile phone connectivity so that the intercom communications and door control can be monitored and handled from any smart device that is loaded with the appropriate app. RFID prox card reading can be supported, and the IP intercom can be readily connected to VMS and/or NVR systems.

One of the hallmarks that drives Axis Communications is its belief in and adherence to industry standards. 2N complies with the most stringent international standards (ISO, TÜV, UL, CE) and products are compatible with many third party systems. The intercom functions in the 2N IP Verso is SIP compatible so it can be readily connected to IP phone systems. The video signals are ONVIF compliant so they should be functional with software VMS systems using that standard.

The 2N IP Verso is an IP and PoE device, so it is ready to be connected to any functional LAN network with internet/smart device connectivity for remote control.

What is beautiful about 2N products and solutions is that they are infinitely modular and can provide different features and functions for individual door controls based on the customer’s requirements. From PA system audio notifications via Axis network speakers to automatic emails containing pictures of every person accessing a door, 2N solutions can do just about anything your customer might want in an intercom/access control system.

We have come a long way from simple swipe readers with Wiegand or mag stripe identification;  2N solutions are the next step, and their IP/PoE modularity provides not only sure and simple cabling and connectivity now, but a ready method to upgrade existing systems by exchanging one module, like a prox card reader, to a higher security biometric user identifier without new cable or connectors. The new module will be readily and easily integrated into the client’s existing access control system. The 2N access control readers are compatible to most all common access control software programs.

Visit www.2nusa.com/ to learn more about modular door control and intercom systems and services.

And a tip of the hat to David Motz and Craig Szmania, 2N Regional Business Development, 2N, an Axis Company for their assistance with this article.