Paxton has trained more than 3,500 installers across the world already this year, enabling more people than ever to use Paxton products. Over 1,300 of those installers were in the United States from more than 700 companies.

This is an increase on last year’s numbers and means the company is well on the way to meeting its ambitious target of training 10,000 installers worldwide in 2019.

Steve Woodbridge, Paxton’s global training manager, said: “We’re excited that record numbers of installers in North America are now able to install Paxton products to high standards. Training allows installers and dealers to get to know Paxton’s systems and keep up to date with our latest product releases, which benefits both them and us.”

Paxton has been offering free dealer training in the U.S. since 2017. Workshops are held at Paxton offices, as well as out in the field. With new products released regularly, the program is constantly evolving.

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