ProdataKey (PDK), a provider of networked cloud-based access control products and services, and OwnerGo, a complete web-based lease-management, communication and organizational tool for multi-tenant properties, implemented a fully integrated, comprehensive solution for Freedom Heights and Lofts, a condominium community in Atlanta, Ga. The integrated platform, designed for condo, apartment, townhome and single-family home communities, provides enhanced security and convenient controlled access to all tenants and workers who service the property while simultaneously providing the Homeowners Association (HOA) board members and property managers with the tools they need to be responsive to residents and function more efficiently. The integrated, user-friendly interface controls 32 access points to external building entrances and common areas and contains a wealth of tools to support work order submissions, resident directories, event calendars, leasing documentation, a fully automated leasing list tool and more.

The PDK access control system provides the Freedom Heights HOA with powerful security management capabilities, robust reporting and the ability to segment access to specific buildings by tenant. A mobile interface provides the night security guard with real-time awareness of when doors are being accessed, as well as instant alerts if any doors are left propped open. Integration with OwnerGo eliminates redundant data entry while providing continuity in managing lease documents and assigning access credentials. System administrators can more easily keep track of authorized card holders and deactivate cards that have been lost or should no longer be in circulation. In addition, cards assigned to a particular unit can be transferred automatically to the next occupants.

The OwnerGo integration allows residents to unlock doors for which they have permission without the need for physical access control cards. Using the graphical map feature within the OwnerGo web and mobile interface, they can simply tap or click on the door they wish to open. Using this method, they can also open doors remotely for visitors who call ahead from outside. The system also provides the HOA board with leverage when collecting delinquent payment of condo fees. Residents who are significantly late in payments may have their access to community areas, like the pool and gym, temporarily deactivated until payment is received.

Cory Jackon, vice president of sales for PDK, said, “Using our open API, OwnerGo has been able to pull in a lot of PDK’s features, making the management of security a seamless part of the platform’s capabilities.”

Current president of the Freedom Heights HOA, Ken Gwinner, is pleased with the solution. “I would definitely recommend the OwnerGo/PDK solution to homeowner associations, property management companies and other entities responsible for the many challenges associated with properties like ours. It does exactly what we need.”