This month I have two tips to help you sell more camera systems. I have a tip for residential sellers and one for commercial sellers. 

For my residential friends, keep in mind that we are in an event-driven business. Holiday season soon will be upon us and that means holiday shopping soon will be in full swing. Experts predict this year will be the largest year ever for online sales, up significantly over last year — topping out at a whopping $1 trillion.

Online sales mean home package deliveries and, if you’re following along, you’ll know where I am going with this. More holiday home package deliveries mean more packages than ever stolen from home porches.

That means more sales opportunities for you.

Now is the time to get ready for the holiday rush. Email and phone your residential customer base now to see if they’re interested in cameras for the front porch. Remind them of the problem (people stealing packages from the home); remind them of the pain caused by the problem (no holiday gifts for loved ones); and offer them your practical and affordable camera solution.

Put together a list of package delivery safety tips. Include camera systems. Contact your local radio and TV stations. Package delivery theft is a timely and relevant topic. If you have great content and contact your local media to pitch this story idea, the free publicity you get could be tremendous.

Talk about the problem of holiday delivery package theft on social media. Put together a holiday gift protection special offer you can promote, a deal on cameras and/or installation.

I want you to have strong sales this holiday season. Try this tip and watch your sales soar.

Now here’s my tip for commercial sellers: Trade associations, merchant associations and chambers of commerce have huge quantities of your target prospects as part of their membership rosters. Let them get the prospects for you.

Let’s use a chamber of commerce as an example. For the chamber to thrive, it must continually bring value to its members. A huge way they bring value to members is through informational programs (not sales pitches) and content that helps members make more money.

Leverage that fact to your advantage.

Put together a 60-minute informational presentation about how to stop employee theft that you’ll present for free, exclusively to chamber members. All the chamber needs to do is promote the event to its members through its normal email and event promotional channels. In your presentation, offer ways to stop employee theft, one of which just happens to be using camera systems.

The result? The chamber gets a highly relevant, high-impact event that is beneficial to its members. You get a ton of highly targeted and highly engaged prospects gathered all in one place at one time to watch your presentation.

If you present your material in an educational way, you’ll end up with many leads. It’s not uncommon to get 30 or more sales leads from a single presentation to Chamber of Commerce members.

A trade association whose members are part of your target market is also a great source for this promotion. An example might be the restaurant association in your state. Their members face employee theft, the association has a high number of members, and the association needs great content for them. It’s the same concept as I explained with chambers of commerce, in this instance applied to trade associations.

You can spend an hour of your time presenting to one company, or you can spend the same hour presenting to 100 companies. If you only present to one company, you must be perfect in order to earn money. If you present to 100, even a simple 10 percent closing ratio lands you 10 deals.

Apply these tips and let’s see some more camera system sales.