Magnasphere Corporation announced a number of their UL-634 listed door contacts have been tested and are classified UL-10C, The Standard for Positive Pressure Tests of Door Assemblies. This allows Magnasphere contacts to be used in fire rated doors.

“This is significant in high security door protection,” said Rick Kirschman, president of Magnasphere.

In addition to the L2C-A-FIRE, Magnasphere’s surface mounted HSS-L2D and HSS-L2S Level 2 contacts received 20 minute fire classification, The Level 1 listed HS-L1.5 has a 45 minute fire classification and the MSS-300-FIRE (their multiple switch series) has received a three hour classification. Kirschman added, “Our MSS 300 series allows for one, surface or recessed contact, to trigger up to three systems in a fire rated door. This flexibility will enhance the system integration in any facility with fire rated doors.”