CentralSquare has entered into a partnership with Genetec Inc., a global leader in video surveillance software and a provider of leading technology for unified security, public safety and operations. The partnership brings together CentralSquare’s broad and unified Public Safety Enterprise and Pro suites and flagship products from Genetec, including Genetec Citigraf and Genetec Clearance. Combining these two leading technologies will enable public safety agencies across North America to use existing public and private video cameras to help reduce the number of victims of crimes and disasters while ensuring the safety of police officers and first responders.

CentralSquare’s integrated public safety suite that manages everything from receiving a 911 call, dispatching responders, managing the records of the incident and providing tools for corrective actions. Genetec’s software backbone not only allows cities to manage video surveillance for hundreds to thousands of cameras, but also provides the ability to gain strategic, data-driven insights pulled from a range of critical data sources.

As public safety concerns such as active-shooter incidents have increased by over 30 times since 2000, and natural disasters such as wildfires have destroyed more than 8 million acres in 2018 alone, the need for powerful tools to aid rapid and meaningful response is urgent. This new partnership between CentralSquare and Genetec delivers proven technology for police officers and emergency responders so that they can make effective decisions, based on real-time data, when and where it is most needed, according to the companies.

“As a result of this partnership, when a citizen calls 911, dispatchers will be able to seamlessly see what is happening at the caller’s location, ensure the right type of emergency response is dispatched, improve the situational awareness and safety of the responding officer, and have an integrated video record of the incident for future investigations,” said CentralSquare CEO Simon Angove. “We’re excited to see the benefits this partnership will bring to our 5,000-plus public safety partner agencies as they respond to emergencies much more efficiently and with real-time view into a situation.”

Guy Chenard, chief commercial officer at Genetec, added, “Cities today rely on disparate, often disconnected, systems and information to make critical, life-saving decisions. By working closely with a leader in public safety software like CentralSquare, we are able to bring advanced data-driven policing software and digital evidence management systems to an even broader array of customers. Together, we are delivering a powerful solution that will better equip our country’s police officers and first responders and ultimately make our cities safer, smarter, and more livable.”

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