The BriefCam Starter Kit program is a tightly coupled appliance-based solution that enables low-touch deployments in less than five minutes as a result of a pre-configured and a certified hardware appliance, seamless integration with the deployed VMS software, powerful and intuitive user interface and administration tools and full access to BriefCam’s cloud-based learning management system for user and administration training. The kit is based on BriefCam’s RapidReview product, with support for VIDEO SYNOPSIS, robust multi-camera search capabilities including 27 classes and attributes, as well as color, size, speed, path, direction and dwell time, face recognition and appearance similarity. Collaborative case management quickly and effectively organizes all video assets of an investigation to further accelerate and optimize the video review process. Visual layers support activity level, dwell time, common paths and background changes, rounding out an ever increasing and powerful set of hundreds of search combinations for accelerating video investigations. The kit includes out of-the-box support for on-demand and scheduled analytics, and scales to support a maximum of 200 channels. Upgrade paths to BriefCam’s insights and protect products are also available.

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