Mark Hillenburg has been named chairman of the associate members’ liaison committee for The Monitoring Association (TMA). Hillenburg is the executive director of marketing at DMP and a longtime member of TMA. As chair of the committee, he will represent associate members on the TMA board of directors. 

“It’s an honor to chair this committee and serve as the voice of manufacturers and service providers who are members of the association,” Hillenburg said. “It’s important to recognize the needs and concerns of both the monitoring company members and the associate members that we serve. TMA has a long, rich history and a bright future ahead of it.”

The committee also provides input for the membership, technology and education committees in areas of associate member services, recruitment of new associate members and associate member retention. One project currently before the associate members committee has the goal to best communicate the products and services that associate members offer to the general membership. Additionally, the committee is looking for new ways to increase the benefits of being an associate member of TMA. 

“I look forward to working closely with The Monitoring Association, all of its staff and committee members and especially Don Young, the president of TMA, and Celia Besore, TMA’s executive director,” Hillenburg said. “Don is a great leader and has done amazing things at ADT, and Celia and I have worked together for many years. I look forward to serving them in this capacity.”

Hillenburg has been with DMP for 25 years and is currently a member of the DMP Executive Management Group. Prior to his current position, he held various management positions at DMP, including product architect in engineering, marketing manager and purchasing manager.