The Neeo remote for Control4 is a touchscreen remote that delivers control of home entertainment experiences through the Control4 smart home OS 3 platform. Designed to give homeowners fast access to the things they use most — their favorite streaming services, most-watched TV stations, playlists, room-level or household-level smart home scenes and much more, Neeo is the first Control4 handheld remote to combine the benefits of hard buttons and a touchscreen. It is built from machined aluminum designed to protect the edge-to-edge touchscreen, making the device incredibly durable. Images and icons on the 3-in. touchscreen are crisp and bright to enable quick one-touch navigation. Neeo is available in either silver or black finishes and ships with a charging station. It lasts up to five days on a charge, and the low-profile, weighted charging station gives it a stylish home when not in use.

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