OnGuard version 7.6 is LenelS2’s latest enterprise security management system that offers rich feature and operability enhancements to its access control platform, while also extending its cloud compatibility, integration capabilities and convenience. OnGuard 7.6 browser-based client applications enable system administrators to more easily deploy and operate the system. In addition, an enhanced setting in OnGuard surveillance and OnGuard monitor browser clients enables role-based restrictions. An operator is able to view recorded video beyond a specified timeframe to manage privacy or safety concerns. Both clients feature new options that enhance video viewing and simplify navigation. Cyber security and compliance enhancements include use of the TLS 1.2 protocol to encrypt OnGuard 7.6 communications, including email and browser client use; elimination of default passwords for compliance; as well as an updated OnGuard hardening guide. OnGuard 7.6 also includes a new reader/alarm panel interface, the LNL-1324e. This I/O module, with AES 256 encryption, enables doors to be conveniently connected to an OnGuard platform using either structured cabling or the onboard Ethernet for easier installation.

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