Boon Edam Inc., a global provider of security entrances and architectural revolving doors, announced that a recent IHS Markit report on the pedestrian security entrance market for the period of 2016-2018 showed Boon Edam as the continued market leader by a considerable margin in the Americas. The winning category covers “Pedestrian Entrance Control Equipment,” which is a broad range of security entrances including security revolving doors, mantrap portals, optical turnstiles, access gates, full height turnstiles and tripod turnstiles.

In the Americas, Boon Edam was shown to own 23.9 percent of the security entrance market overall, which is nearly double the share of the closest competitor with 12.6 percent market share. Globally, Boon Edam was also shown to be the market leader in the same category with 14.1 percent of total market share.

Boon Edam continues to dominate the category of “Security Doors” both globally and in the Americas. This includes security revolving doors, security booths (mantrap portals) and interlock doors. Boon Edam was shown to hold 33.1 percent of the global market, compared to 14.6 percent held by the nearest competitor.

The Americas showed the largest market share for Boon Edam for any region in the world with a whopping 53.1 percent market share compared to 13.2 percent held by the nearest competitor.

Focusing on the Americas in the “Security Doors” category, Boon Edam continues to dominate the market for “security revolving doors” with 48.5 percent of the market and “security booths” with 63.5 percent of the market share.

“Our overwhelming success, and the double-digit growth we experienced in each of the last 10 years, is testimony to the quality of Boon Edam products and our ability to meet our customers’ needs — including those of some of the largest corporations in the world,” said Valerie Anderson, president and managing director of Boon Edam. “We are grateful for this success and will continue offering scalable solutions and focused advice and service to continue building on our reputation as the entry experts.”

The IHS Markit study also reconfirmed Boon Edam as the market leader in the “Speed Gates” category, which includes the optical turnstiles with barriers that are commonly found in building lobbies. This product type has the highest volume and revenue of all the product types as well as the greatest number of manufacturers. Boon Edam continues to hold its leadership position for “Speed Gates” established in 2014 with 15.6 percent of market share today.

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