WeSuite, a software manufacturer of award-winning sales management tools for security sales and service providers, announced today the imminent launch of a powerful Sales Intelligence reporting module as part of its comprehensive sales management platform. Designed to work in conjunction the company’s seamless WeOpportunity and WeEstimate contact-to-contract solution, the new Sales Intelligence module brings pipeline and sales data analysis to a new level, providing perceptive insights and actionable intelligence to guide smarter business decision-making. It will be sold as a licensed, add-on module to the WeOpportunity CRM software. The Sales Intelligence module will be on display at ISC West, WeSuite booth 23131 and available to customers this spring.

Sales Intelligence tells the sales story. WeSuite has designed a series of relevant dashboards each with detailed sales graphics. Sales data from across a company’s lead database, pipeline, estimates, forecast, won jobs and recorded sales values, provide reporting and analysis of a wide range of valuable metrics. Users may select parameters from a number of filters, including date range, sale or RMR value, job status, market type, job type, regions, offices and job owners. Sales Intelligence auto-generates a variety of easy-to-digest charts and graphs that not only report findings, but display them in ways that clearly identify trends, areas of success and sectors that are underperforming, the company described. Colorful diagrams indicate close ratios, along with the most-to-least prevalent markets, job types and sales types, providing management with critical insights to drive strategic and tactical decision-making and resource allocation.

Sales Intelligence charts and graphical data can be easily exported to pdf or PowerPoint, or shared via a weblink for viewing within the software. The clean, intuitive interface is easy to use. Report filters and parameters are simply selected from drop-down menus and data results change in real time. Users can also easily create and save views, setting defaults to the reporting most important to them.

“One of WeSuite’s primary missions is to help security businesses accelerate their growth,” explained Tracy Larson, WeSuite’s president. “With just a few clicks, our new Sales Intelligence module empowers stakeholders with a depth of knowledge that’s previously been unavailable to them, and — even better — the intelligence is always based upon the most up-to-the-minute data. It’s hard to imagine a more valuable tool for guiding business growth strategies.”

Visit  www.wesuite.com for more information.