Sometimes the best practices for greater sales are the ones you are not doing. And why would you omit a marketing practice that will make you more money? Probably either you don’t know about it or it’s so challenging that you do something else. It’s time to add these nine practices to your marketing; every growth-conscious company should be doing them. 


1. Clear Reasons to Buy

Too often, businesses all say the same generic things: “We’ve been in business since….” “We’re a family-operated business….” “We have low prices....” The greatest mistake most companies make in marketing is not clearly communicating to a prospect, “Here’s why you should spend your money with me instead of the other guy.” It’s time to cut the corporate speak and jargon. Take a stand and give your customers a clear reason why they should spend their hard-earned money with you.


2. Listening

Many businesses do not have a clue what their customers think about their company. First, they never ask the customers. Second, they don’t have online listening systems in place to monitor what customers are saying on the internet. Listening to the thoughts and concerns of your customers gives you the information you need to drive your bottom line. You should be monitoring what customers are saying online and in-person to provide better intelligence.


3. Review of Marketing Data

It’s time to stop relying on gut instincts, whims and what other people are saying about your marketing. Look at the marketing data. Pour over it as if it were a P&L statement. Make smart decisions based on the marketing data. 


4. Strong Call to Action

Too often businesses assume their customers know what to do after viewing marketing materials. Never assume. Tell them what to do. A strong call-to-action will give them direction. Whether it’s asking them to click on a coupon or provide their email address, ask them.


5. Testing

Most companies don’t test their marketing. They just make it live and hope and pray it works. If you don’t test things, how do you know if it’s working at the highest possible level? Test offers, headlines, pictures and other elements of your marketing materials.


6. Accountability

At the end of the day, you must hold your marketing accountable. Is it making you money? More importantly, is it producing a high return on investment? Just like other aspects of your business, marketing needs to be regularly reviewed to determine its effectiveness. 


7. Be Relevant

Customers don’t give two cents about your company history or the awards that you’ve won. Customers care about themselves. Your marketing materials should address the problems, needs and issues of your customer base.


8. Work on Marketing Daily

Don’t procrastinate on marketing. You’re only killing your chances of getting more leads and sales. Marketing is just like exercise. You don’t have to do it every day. But if you do, you’re going to be in much better shape. Designate some time every day to focus on marketing.


9. Multi-Channel Approach

You must use the same channels your customer base uses if you want more sales. Too often, businesses focus on only one or two marketing channels that are outdated and overpriced. The key is to be on four or five channels, including things like paid search advertising, social media, text message marketing, etc., so you have a bigger stream of potential customers.