Telguard, a provider of security and life safety communications, announced that its cellular fire alarm communicators have been issued a Certificate of Approval, #6316. This means fire and life safety dealers in New York City are now able to use Telguard’s premier cellular fire communicator, the TG-7FS LTE. 

New York City has strict regulations on fire communicators that can be used, and manufacturers must obtain a Certificate of Approval for fire systems dealers to be able to specify a brand like Telguard. The Certificate of Approval gives New York City fire integrators the ability to specify the TG-7FS LTE in their system designs.

The TG-7FS is a universal cellular communicator, meaning it works with virtually every fire alarm control panel. Using LTE cellular networks, the TG-7FS transmits alarm signals from the fire panel to the designated monitoring station. The unit meets UL 864 requirements and is compliant with NFPA 72 for primary or backup communications for commercial fire alarm systems. By using the TG-7FS, accounts can go from two to one dedicated landline, which will save them money.

Telguard collaborated with Carlos Santiago, owner of New York Protection Controls, to obtain the Certificate of Approval. “Central stations need to know about this Certificate of Approval so they can work with fire and life safety integrators and specify cellular communicators like Telguard in their system designs,” Santiago said. “Dealers and integrators can choose from either AT&T or Verizon models —whichever carrier works best for them in their locale.”

“Telguard has been a go-to cellular communicator for authority having jurisdictions (AHJs) and fire marshals across the country for years,” said Telguard President George Brody. “We’re thrilled to have New York City’s Certificate of Approval.”