The exacqVision facial matching solution, an artificial intelligence-enabled system that provides immediate notification of persons of interest who are returning to a retail business, venue or other premise, uses highly accurate deep learning analytics and serves as a “front door host,” with immediate recall of recognized visitors that arrive on site, such as a suspected shoplifter returning to the store, or to detect persons of interest entering a high-profile sporting event or a place of business. The engine behind the solution is Tyco AI, an ever-evolving, deep learning solution that will take analytic capabilities such as object classification, behavior and facial recognition to the next level, using powerful algorithms that customize solutions to specific end user installations. In a retail setting, exacqVision Facial Matching continuously compares faces against saved profiles, even with hats, glasses and facial hair, providing instant confirmation of the presence of persons of interest with color-coded facial bounding boxes. Integrated directly into exacqVision for easy configuration and deployment, the solution can capture and automatically enter into the database acceptable facial views triggered by electronic article surveillance pedestals or point of sale keywords, growing the database of faces with minimal user interaction. 

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