Antaira Technologies’ LMP-2602G-SFP and LMX-2602G-SFP series are industrial-grade equipment that is Ethernet ready to fulfill various markets’ networking applications in harsh industrial environments. These devices support high-density Ethernet port connectivity, wide bandwidth, long-distance data transmission, and have a superb reliability factor. Some applications require using a ring technology for complete redundant network designs. Antaira’s LMP-2602G-SFP and LMX-2602G-SFP series uses ERPS or G.8032, which is an open ring architecture. This permits the use of various other Antaira switches as well as other manufactures like Cisco participating in the ring. Open standards give the network architect the flexibility to design the most efficient network without being tied to one manufacturer. Fiber interfaces used in both ring and non-ring applications give the ability to extend a network out past traditional buildings, across campuses, and even towns. 

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