The new Precision Hardware Apex 2110VI series from dormakaba is a code compliant safe egress with visual and directional indicators for faster and more efficient security lockdown designed for high occupancy arenas, including classrooms, auditoriums or gymnasiums. This panic device incorporates the ANSI “10” function, also referred to as the “Intruder Function,” with new lock/unlock status. A directional indicator is integrated into the housing and contains reflective materials that may be seen in low light conditions. It also features an embossed directional indicator that offers quarter-turn (90-deg.) activation to enable faster lock down. A directional indicator feature provides the user a clear and concise understanding of what direction to rotate the key or thumb-turn for lock and unlock of the outside lever. The Apex 2110VI directional indicator is embossed within the assembly, eliminating labels that can peel or fade. Available in a variety of finishes, including 630 satin stainless steel and 630AM satin stainless steel with UltraShield antimicrobial coating, the Apex 2110VI series can be purchased as a complete exit device or as a field conversion kit pending the respective application.

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