Allegion U.S. released the Site Survey module for Overtur Mobile. Expanding on Overtur Mobile’s existing suite of tools, Site Survey joins the Punch List and Installation Status modules, simplifying the design, construction and management of doors and openings. 

Site Survey elevates the door opening information gathering process by encompassing support capabilities at the beginning and throughout the life cycle of a project. Professionals can now go to a building site with a mobile device and capture needed information for the design and construction of door openings, including hardware products, photos and notes of the existing conditions, as well as opening dimensions. Utilizing the gathered information, a project team can seamlessly continue with design and construction, and ultimately facility management.

“The functionality we're building into Overtur with tools such as Site Survey exemplify another simple way you can improve time and efficiency without disrupting your current workflow,” said Rachael York, peripheral application lead, Overtur. “With Site Survey, you not only make the process easier for your team, you also make it easier for your clients to communicate their needs.”

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