Rave Mobile Safety announced its Coronavirus Recovery Solution to create a safe environment for returning workers and restoring business operations. The Rave Coronavirus Recovery Solution allows organizations to streamline communication workflows, conduct daily health checks, support individual wellness and engage with their organizations to facilitate the safe reopening of businesses and communities.

The CDC’s guidelines for reopening states that organizations will need to take measures for keeping people safe, including “practices for scaling up operations, safety actions (e.g., cleaning and disinfection, social distancing), monitoring possible reemergence of illness and maintaining health operations.” The Rave Coronavirus Recovery Solution enhances organizations’ ability to adhere to those guidelines by giving them a way to monitor health status and quickly communicate changes as the pandemic progresses.

“The key to a successful recovery is opening the economy with the right protocols and safety measures in place,” said Todd Piett, CEO, Rave Mobile Safety. “With Rave, public and private organizations, as well as government agencies have a proven solution to monitor health status and communicate ongoing critical decisions to protect the safety of employees and communities, and reopen businesses and public places to full operations.”

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