Version 201 on XT Series panels now offer quick cell conversion when upgrading cellular communicators from CDMA or HSPA to LTE. As soon as users install the new communicator, a message will be sent to the panel to automatically deactivate the SIM number of the old communicator and activate the SIM number of the new one. A communication test to the monitoring center is automatically generated, and the LTE conversion and rate plan are also automatically updated in Dealer Admin. This process means there’s no activation required. Simply install the unit, and everything else is automatically done for you. To make every LTE install faster, now all LTE units shipped from DMP are “activation ready.” For new systems, this means you follow the normal process of creating the account and selecting the rate plan, and as soon as you’re ready, the units immediately activate on AT&T or Verizon networks and are ready to communicate data. Virtual keypad users are able to trigger multiple Z-Wave devices any time motion is detected in a selected zone. Also, with XT Series Version 201, user code information has been added to specific system event notifications, such as arming/disarming or any other event that requires a user code. 

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