Camden added a 36-in. tall stainless-steel model to its line of aluminum, dark bronze and blue CM-75 series column push plate switches. Model CM-7536SS switches are easily activated by hand, body or foot. They are also designed to take the place of two high/low switches, when required by state and provincial building codes. The switch also features two internal switches for greater reliability, and surface mount leveling screws for installation on uneven wall surfaces, such as brick or stone. Column push plate switches have a brushed stainless steel finish that also matches Camden’s 42-in. tall and 48-in. tall stainless steel mounting posts (bollards). They are compatible with Camden’s Lazerpoint RF line of battery-powered spread spectrum wireless system and their newest Kinetic no-battery wireless system. Kinetic by Camden is an advanced 900 Mhz. power harvesting wireless system that needs no batteries but instead uses the energy created by the operation of the switch to power the wireless transmitter.

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