For any access control job up to 96 doors users will soon be able to streamline installations by centralizing the power supply and access control modules, all in one secure enclosure. DMP’s expanded line of access enclosures offers multiple access system options to meet any application. The new enclosures will allow users to install multiple DMP access control modules and power supply, all together in one place. Depending on requirements, DMP offers an eight-door configuration with a power supply for quick setup, or a 16-door configuration for larger installations. Each enclosure has mounting plates that are removable so users can hang the enclosure for pre-wire phase, then come back with the electronics for trim out. The centralized approach is designed to make future service easier. It’s easy to see and locate all of the wiring and see how the installation is done, and DMP’s new design includes wire management anchors for easily making installations look clean and organized.