The X1 is DMP’s cloud-based access control system, and outputs are event driven and site wide. This means that customers can easily manage outputs connected to any X1 across their entire site, all from the Rules tab in Virtual Keypad. Using “If This, Then That” logic, it’s just as easy for users to configure Rules from their smartphones with the Virtual Keypad app as it is from the Virtual Keypad browser. A door forced open can trigger a notification, a light or any other output. For example, if a door to the warehouse is forced open, customers can create a rule to activate a strobe light in the office, alerting personnel to a potential security breach. Even if the intrusion alarm panel is disarmed or it’s an access-only system, the customer is still notified. At the heart of DMP’s solution is the X1’s output module, delivering the ability to configure up to 10 outputs. A single X1 or X1-8 can support up to nine of these modules allowing it to manage up to 90 additional outputs. Site wide, you can have up to 1,000 outputs.