DMP’s new cloud-based X1 Series offers network and cellular-based connectivity; the X1’s optional cellular module can be used as the primary or backup for an entire system to ensure constant communication with the cloud. The series also provides easy scaling from single- to multi-site applications. The X1 Series can support up to 1,000 doors on a system in the cloud. To add more doors locally without adding multiple X1s, the X1-8 is a cost-effective solution. Even if a system has multiple buildings that are managed from one location, all of the controllers are tied to one cloud-based administrative portal. Even if a system’s X1s are not physically connected, system managers can add users to groups for access permissions that work across an entire system. They can also create and manage any number of custom rules to send notifications or trigger outputs on certain events. A rule can be created to trigger a lockdown across an entire system, for instance, if one access control door is forced open. They also offer an add-on module for PoE and support for OSDP and Wiegand reader protocols. Programming the X1 is only a few simple steps, all through DMP’s cloud-based administrative portal.