DMP’s X1 is designed to provide customers with security and convenience. Doors can be grouped on the X1 to automatically lock and unlock according to their programmed schedules. Until a valid user opens the doors for the first time in that schedule, the doors will remain locked. If there’s bad weather or any other reason to delay their personnel, this auto-unlock suppress feature gives customers peace-of-mind knowing their businesses will remain secure. The X1 also gives business owners an easy way to specify if a group must first enter a door before other groups. This helps eliminate concerns over employees being in their workplaces without supervision. Users can now create temporary schedules on their X1s, allowing them to modify a regular schedule based on a specified beginning and ending time and date. In the X1 connection settings page, the DHCP network information can now be seen whether or not DHCP is turned on. At a glance, users will always know what IP address they are using, making for quicker troubleshooting. Setting these features up from virtual keypad is easy with little to no training necessary — and with this release, X1s have been automatically updated.