Last year was a year of revenue growth for many security integrators ranked on the 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report. For some, it was their best year of revenue growth in company history, and for others, the market was flat yet steady. Collectively, the nation’s largest security integrators grew their 2019 North American systems integration revenue by 23 percent over 2018. This is particularly solid evidence of a great year in the security industry as the year before was also a year of growth: those ranked on the Top Systems Integrators Report last year, saw a growth rate of 14 percent over their 2017 systems integration revenue.

One area in particular that many of this year’s Top Systems Integrators noted growth in was hosted and managed services. In fact, with so many security integrators focusing on growing their RMR through these types of services, SDM ranked the top 25 Top Systems Integrators by their reported Recurring Monthly Revenue or RMR for 2019. Top Systems Integrators saw RMR growth with $789.49 million in 2019 collectively, compared with $727.97 in 2018.

No. 35, Sound Inc. saw growth in all markets with hosted solutions. “The market continues to grow with emphasis on analytics and proactive monitoring,” the company reports.

Unlimited Technology Inc., ranked No. 9, writes, “The growth was strong. The segments that grew the most were managed services.”

Adds Valley Alarm, No. 100, “The market was extremely strong — especially in CCTV and access control. 2018 was good, but 2019 was stronger.”



Unlimited Technology’s $19M Project

Unlimited Technology earns the spot for the largest project in this year’s Top Systems Integrators Report, for its project for a large utility customer. For the project, the company implemented a new hyper convergence stretch cluster, including a DWDM transport network and three new data centers. This provided the customer the opportunity for all IT and OT infrastructures to meet the 800 series of NIST standards, while reducing cyber risk. The infrastructure provides the ability to meet future goals including AMI, substation automation, security and data center consolidation projects. Partnering with Pivot3, LogRhythm, IronNet and other equipment and software manufacturers, Unlimited Technology successfully integrated multiple platforms to provide end-to-end cyber monitoring and automated response based on a SOAR model. The implementation provides long-term reductions in operating costs while obtaining higher levels of network and data center reliability and functionality. To read about other Top Systems Integrators’ projects in 2019, click here.


The 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report ranks security integrator companies by their North American systems integration revenue, which includes solutions such as design, project management, product, installation, programming, start-up and training sold directly to an end-user customer or through a tier of contractors.

Total North American systems integration revenue — which is different from total annual revenue — for the 100 ranked companies reached $4.64 billion in 2019, a 23 percent increase over 2018. In addition, security integrators started 256,553 new projects in 2019, up from 167,894 in 2018.

But even with revenue growth, RMR growth and a 52 percent increase in new system starts over 2018, there are signs that the direction for 2020 is not set in stone.


About the SDM Top Systems Integrators Report


The SDM 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report ranks North American companies by their security systems integration revenue. This ranking is based on data provided to or, in a few cases, estimated by SDM. Ranked companies were asked to submit either an audited or reviewed financial statement, or a copy of their income tax return showing total gross receipts for the stated period. The vast majority of the firms ranked are privately held.

The main table, which begins on page 37, ranks 100 companies by their North American revenue in 2019 from their security system integration projects. Integration includes solutions such as design, project management, product, installation, programming, start-up, training and time-and-materials-based service sold directly to an end-user customer or through a tier of contractors. This includes revenue related to security, such as: access control, ID/badging, video surveillance/analytics, intrusion alarms, perimeter security, electronic gate entry, intercom/communications, fire protection, IT/networks, etc. It does not include recurring monthly revenue (RMR), as that is counted towards ranking on the SDM 100 ( However, due to the increasing focus from security integrators on increasing RMR through managed services, maintenance contracts and more, SDM ranked the Top 25 Top Systems Integrators this year on their reporting of this number on page 38.

Note: an e following the figure indicates it is an SDM estimate.

To find a company by name, use the alphabetical index


One indication that unpredictability looms is a downward change in the percent of Top Systems Integrators that reported an increase in profit margins for 2019. Since 2015, more than half of the Top Systems Integrator companies reported net profit margins increasing when compared over the previous year. In 2015, as many as 58 percent of the Top Systems Integrators reported their company’s net profit margin increasing over the previous year. For this year’s 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report, 42 percent reported an increase in profit margins in 2019, while 30 percent reported a decrease.

Though it was an overall solid year for security integrators, the untold story of what lies ahead as the world moves forward and through the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to overshadow the possibilities of 2020. Perhaps the biggest telltale sign that change is on the horizon one way or another is in the Top Systems Integrators’ response to revenue expectations for 2020. When asked, “How do you expect revenues in 2020 to compare with revenues in 2019?” 56 percent of Top Systems Integrators say they expect revenue to increase. 

On the surface, more than half of this year’s companies predicting an increase sounds quite promising. Some of the Top Systems Integrators filled out their qualification forms before stay-at-home mandates came into place in response to COVID-19, though many filled it out when states were beginning to or already had shut down. In addition, when you look at last year’s response predicting revenue expectations for 2019, 91 percent of Top Systems Integrators expected revenue to increase in 2019 over 2018. A drop from 91 percent to 56 percent gives every indication that security integrators are aware the current state of the world will affect their businesses. The jury is just out on how much.



But many of this year’s Top Systems Integrators are determined to adapt to the changes. Though the majority of those companies ranked on the Top Systems Integrators Report noted COVID-19 as one of the biggest issues or trends to watch out for in 2020, many of them talked about possibilities and opportunities for the year ahead — perhaps a testament to the positive and creative leadership at many of these companies.

Writes Advanced Electronic Solutions, No. 24, “With the COVID-19 virus, we will see more occupancy detectors and remote monitoring with less on-site projects. With so many unknowns, the industry will have to adapt quickly.”

Though D/A Central Inc., No. 47, says COVID-19 “will tank the economy, [but] it will have people thinking about the long-term impact on security,” the company says it foresees temperature monitoring cameras and visitor management becoming a much larger priority moving forward.

Ranked No. 33, 3Sixty Integrated, says, “COVID-19 will impact our business in 2020 …The unpredictability of coronavirus could cause our key markets to have limited resources and inevitably lag our business operations.”

3Sixty Integrated goes on to predict, “By the end of this outbreak, however, our key markets … will have to adapt to the new environment, and we believe an increased demand for security will contribute to that adaptation. Innovation and technology will be critical to facilitate remote, hands-off solutions to keep people secure. There will be an increase in no-contact solutions that are germ-free for access control and visitor management. Video solutions will be expected to do more than just surveillance by integrating with customer heat mapping and temperature tracking technology to monitor health, proximity and inventory. Remote options for security system management will become critical for accomplishing projects and collaborating with team members and clients during service and installation. Our response to every one of these factors will create a huge  difference with acquiring and retaining current clients in 2020. Like many others, the security industry will have to fight to meet the demands of this new climate, and our focus on research, development, education and training will be at the core of this effort. As an 18-year-old security integrator, our mission to protect the community has never been more important. We aim to have courage, work smarter and unite to develop new solutions, innovate ideas and guide our clients through this new world of safety and security.”

While Strategic Security Solutions, ranked No. 56, believes that the coronavirus will “undoubtedly” have an impact on 2020 revenues, the company says it will put this time to good use. “We are using this slower period to build our company and processes so we are a stronger organization going forward. 2021 will be a game changer. We are investing in ourselves now so we can take our business to the next level.”




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