The 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report ranks security integrators by their North American systems integration revenue. The report represents many of the largest security systems integrator companies in the industry. Following is a small sampling of projects that have kept this year’s Top Systems Integrators busy.


Unlimited Technology, ranked No. 9 on the 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report and earned the top spot for this year’s largest project, for its project at a large utility customer. For the project, the company implemented a new hyper convergence stretch cluster, including a DWDM transport network and three new data centers. This provided the customer the opportunity for all IT and OT infrastructures to meet the 800 series of NIST standards, while reducing cyber risk. The infrastructure provides the ability to meet future goals including AMI, substation automation, security and data center consolidation projects. Partnering with Pivot3, LogRhythm, IronNet, and other equipment and software manufacturers, Unlimited Technology successfully integrated multiple platforms to provide end-to-end cyber monitoring and automated response based on a SOAR model. The implementation provides long-term reductions in operating costs while obtaining higher levels of network and data center reliability and functionality.


Apex Integrated Security Solutions Inc., ranked No. 69 on the 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report, worked with Boise State University on an integrated security system. Apex completed the design build services as well as installation and integration of a new video management system (VMS), which leveraged hundreds of existing cameras with 50-plus high-resolution cameras (up to 30MP). The project also included replacement and building retrofit of 900-plus access controlled doors with complete LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) integration.


Trinity Wiring and Security Solutions, ranked No. 57 on the 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report, outfitted the entire campus of a new high school facility for low-voltage networking. The security integrator was also responsible for access control, surveillance (which is monitored 24/7) and security systems throughout the campus.


Interface Security Systems Holdings Inc., ranked No. 26 on the 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report, provided a design build and complete project management for a 17-story dormitory, retail and common space fire alarm replacement. Interface delivered a design that met all current applicable codes for the replacement and installation of a state-of-the-art fire alarm control system. Interface also provided complete project management of the implementation while directing electrical contractors. 

Allied Universal Technologies

Allied Universal Technologies, No. 5 on the Top Systems Integrators Report this year, had a project for a healthcare provider in the Southeast. Allied Universal leveraged the intellect and knowledge their team had of the site, the customer, the product, the installation process and customer needs/goals to allow the project to be a success and a positive experience for the customer.

This project started roughly two years ago with the former account manager working with the customer to create budgetary numbers for a significant upgrade and addition to the Lenel access control system. Scope of work included new doors to be added to the access system and the incorporation of doors that were using local-only access control measures. When the new account manager was engaged by the customer after formal approval was given to move on the installation, he was able to re-work the original budgetary estimate to save the customer some dollars while maintaining all the desired goals of the installation.

From there Allied Universal was able to engineer the job a little tighter — combining panel locations, streamlining cable runs and other small odds and ends to make the installation easier for the team as well as creating time and equipment efficiencies. Once the cables were in place for each designated area, the installation team was dispatched to install all of the panels and established communication to the host server. Each area was pre-programmed into the Lenel system so that as doors were completed or converted they were ready for use to avoid confusion or delays for the hospital personnel. This method was applied to each area and each door across the campus to minimize day-to-day business disruption as much as possible. 

Sterling State Bank

Sterling State Bank first opened their doors in 1958 and has been locally owned and operated since then. With nine locations in Minnesota, the decision was made to build a new corporate office that would serve Minnesota’s third largest city.

Custom Alarm, ranked No. 62 on the 2020 Top Systems Integrators Report, has been the local trusted security dealer for Sterling for the past two decades. With the relationship that has been built, Custom Alarm’s team of consultants, design engineers and project managers worked closely with the bank’s ownership as well as their general contractor and the architects to provide an innovative solution to all of their security needs.

One of the first things to be addressed was a fire alarm system for the bank. This system was designed by Custom Alarm’s fire design engineer in coordination with the electrical engineer to make sure that all national, state and local codes were followed. The system monitored all sprinkler points, HVAC units, smoke detectors, and multiple audio visual devices.

Once the mandatory life safety systems were addressed, Custom Alarm turned their focus to innovative security solutions for the customer. Custom Alarm added key interactive features when designing the system. The consultants were able to go over benefits and solutions for some of the banks most unique challenges. Customary field devices such as door sensors, motion detectors, and panic buttons were installed; however additional programming was used to have this system work with the access control system and audio visual devices to provide a “lockdown” setup for the bank. A Honeywell Vista security panel along with an communicator were installed to provide the bank’s management team with an interactive way to track unique activity occurring at the location. Aside from having an easy way to have users arming and disarming the system from an app, the bank’s team also had a way to view some business insight trends such as staffing and peak periods of activity and customer traffic. Custom alarm also managed the access control, video surveillance system and more for the bank. 

The video surveillance system was designed with an array of cameras types to not only deter robberies, but also help in continuous monitoring and having the easy remote access requested by Sterling State Bank’s leadership team.