Boon Edam Inc. announced that 32-41 West Street, a retail headquarters building in Reading, U.K., upgraded the building’s entrance with an energy-saving revolving door and an array of optical turnstiles for increased lobby security. The office building serves as a home to more than 580 employees working in more than 130,000 sq. ft. of office space.

In 2018, Morey Smith Architects were hired to redesign the headquarters building, including an office expansion, as well as a new café and staff gym. The building entry and atrium were to also undergo an upgrade, with architects designing with aesthetics and high-quality functionality in mind.

First, the entrance to the building was outfitted with a revolving door solution. Architects combined features of two revolving door models to create the entrance. They mixed the all-glass look of the Crystal TQ with the minimal metal framing of the TQA to create an automatic entrance that would add to the prestige of the building while also saving on energy and creating a comfortable environment inside. The revolving door was also connected to the building’s access control system so that it could be locked afterhours and still allow access to employees with an authorized credential.

For security into the atrium, architects didn’t want to impose on the open, airy feeling of the building’s large atrium. As a result, Morey Smith installed an array of Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles with tall glass barriers to deter and detect tailgating into the office space. The turnstiles were placed near a reception desk so that staff are able to respond to alarms, as well as grant access to authorized visitors through the use of a BoonTouch remote control panel.