The NCoder is a contactless smart card that integrates the encoding capabilities of a powerful updated design encoder with a built-in desktop reader function. It configures permissions and user access plans for user credentials or hospitality guests and is compatible with a wide range of RFID cards and mobile keys. SALTO SPACE data-on-card-platform system operators — by defining their own user access plan and building properties with ProAccess SPACE web-based software — can rightfully take control over user rights management of their building access system. Featuring a sleek, upscale design, SALTO NCoders extend SALTO SPACE data-on-card on-premise network performance. The product integrates DTLS v1.2 security technology to protect communications. SALTO NCoder’s SPACE standards-based design puts systems operators in complete control, working with any compatible cards and smart-locking platform from SALTO Systems. It supports multiple credential technologies (MIFARE and iCLASS Seos) and digital key delivery establishing trust between devices to prevent compromise. The ProAccess SPACE system allows operators to grant users permissions for multiple doors and zones, configure date and time for access, and even schedule time. The SALTO NCoder lets platform operators manage all access control needs with one smart and secure device.

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