Cozaint Corporation announced the launch of askALICE, a video surveillance management hardware and software system delivering long-term retention. askALICE provides an enterprise-grade video management software suite integrated with server and multi-tiered storage. Cozaint has developed the capabilities of the VMS software to play back video from either initial storage or second-tier storage without any additional steps needed by the surveillance operator.

This now enables the Cozaint VMS Software —named BOBBYvms— to play video from various tiers of storage. askALICE integrates industry-proven LTO-storage as a second tier of affordable long-term retention space while allowing surveillance operators to play back video from any point on the recorded timeline. No extra steps or processes are necessary for the operator to view and playback recorded video from days to years ago.

askALICE is tremendously scalable, making it suitable for medium and large camera-count environments.  Whether an organization needs long-term video retention for legal, compliance, liability, or simply corporate policy, askALICE can deliver six months, one year, two years, or even longer video retention.

“The media and entertainment industry has been using LTO technology for years and it is a proven, reliable, and economical storage solution. Being able to deliver a video management software solution that puts no extra burdens on the surveillance operator to go back in time -any amount of time- and easily play back recorded video is what makes LTO video retention truly viable,” said Jay Jason Bartlett, Cozaint’s CEO. “It has taken us years to develop the right software and hardware combination for askALICE to allow for the seamless playback of recorded video from multiple tiers of storage. The costs savings of this solution are truly significant.”

The Cozaint line is available through the security reseller channel as well as direct to end users.

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