Invixium, a provider of touchless biometric solutions and SIASA, a supplier of biometric hardware and software in Latin America, announced an exclusive partnership to distribute Invixium’s range of biometric products to SIASA’s customers in Mexico.

Invixium announced a range of new product and software solutions as a direct response to the pandemic as businesses within and outside of Mexico must adapt to COVID-19. The flagship IXM TITAN can be purchased or field-upgraded with the new Enhancement Kit, equipping the device with a thermographic camera to enable simultaneous face recognition and temperature screening. IXM WEB software is enhanced with IXM Health to allow businesses to design custom responses to elevated body temperature detection, such as preventing access or emailing notifications to HR, administrators, or supervisors. Further, IXM TOUCH 2 is now touchless: a field upgrade can be purchased for existing devices to enable face recognition with a 1:N capacity of 5000 users.

“Touchless security is a great need at the moment. Invixium provides a range of products that boldly answers this need,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO and president at Invixium. “Biometrics have experienced a steady growth in Mexico, and SIASA is known for its longevity and expertise in biometric security. Partnering with SIASA allows Invixium to reach this key market with our unique portfolio of contactless products at the perfect time, and to work with one of the most experienced security distributors in Mexico.”

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