SD Marketing is launching 50-50-30, a network of security companies that want to innovate marketing in the industry by working together. 

Here’s how it works: SD Marketing works with only one security company per service location, allowing them to cultivate a shared data pool of knowledge when it comes to marketing strategies and ad performance. If one company’s ad is outperforming another participant’s ads, SD Marketing’s self-proprietary software will detect this performance gap, and a dedicated ad strategist will notify the company and make similar changes to their ad. The idea is that this will ensure all participants’ ads are running at an optimal level and generating leads within their targeted verticals.

The program will also include exclusive access to monthly conference calls with all participating integrators from each service region. In these calls, SD Marketing will discuss various marketing topics and how-tos, and ask systems integrators across the nation to share industry insight. Covered topics will include sales strategies, hardware costs, sales manager salaries and even conversations on various measures that security companies all over the nation have been taking during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“These discussions are a great way to gain insight into what fellow colleagues are doing to generate sales during times of uncertainty and how to ensure that their security company would still be around if a recession were to follow,” said SD Marketing’s co-founder and one of our Marketing Madmen, David Morgan.