Unlike some mobile access control solutions, which require users to unlock and present their phone in place of a fob, PDK’s touch reader automatically senses encrypted credentials on locked phones carried by users, even when they’re deep inside pockets, bags and purses. The reader’s new touch-free feature, designed to support COVID-19 best practices for workplace safety, allows credentialed users to simply wave their hand within 2-3 in. of the reader in order to indicate an intent to enter. The result is a touch-free, hassle-free “walk-through” experience that requires no contact with phone nor reader. PDK’s touch app, a separate component of the pdk io mobile-first solution, allows users to unlock entrances remotely with the push of a button within the app interface. It too has also been updated to offer enhanced functionality and greater convenience. New multi-site support allows individuals to access more than one pdk io system from within the same app. Another new feature, “Favorites,” allows users to identify doors most frequented so that they can be accessed quickly from the first screen within the app. 

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