The StoneLock GO biometric reader is intentionally designed with proprietary “faceless” recognition technology to protect users by safeguarding their privacy without the use of photographs, while eliminating the need to touch. While an access card or password can be misplaced, shared or cloned, the inherent properties used to authenticate users through StoneLock ensure that the only people accessing a building or room are the ones who have been granted permission. Utilizing a QR code or a card swipe, the StoneLock interface delivers an easy-to-read display that will guide users through a simple and touchless self-enrollment process. Using near-infrared sensors, StoneLock’s readers scan and store unique templates of enrolled users that are unrecognizable outside of the StoneLock system, while making it universally compatible with all users regardless of gender, race, age or nationality. The StoneLock proprietary algorithm replaces an enrolled user’s face with a mathematical representation, eliminating the need of photographs or storing images. 

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