Speco’s new analytic cameras and recorders virtually eliminate false motion alarms. The N8NRE and N16NRE will detect motion that matters, and ignore other types of false motion triggers such as leaves, precipitation or animals. When paired with the 4MP IP cameras O4P4, O4D6, O4B6, O4D7M, O4B7M, O4T7 and O4T7M, Speco now provides users with human detection, vehicle detection and facial recognition capabilities. These products are equipped with EZ Wizards for ease of use and setup, and have free U.S.-based DDNS with quick-setup P2P services. The cameras carry a five-year warranty and come with an included junction box or wall mount, depending on the model. The N8NRE is available with up to 14TB of storage, and the N16NRE is available with up to 28TB of storage.

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