The Keyscan Aurora 1.0.21 access control management software from dormakaba provides a single software solution that powers Keyscan access control systems, regardless of size or complexity. It integrates with the Destination Dispatch SMART elevator system, eliminating the need for traditional analog and relay-based connectivity to the elevator dispatching system. Passengers throughout the building present their access control credentials and call for an elevator using a touchscreen or keypad located near the elevator bank. Destination Dispatch software analyses all elevator call requests and coordinates trips based on passengers’ floor access permissions set by Keyscan’s access control management software. Destination Dispatch directs passengers to an assigned elevator bank, then an elevator arrives and takes passengers to their destinations faster and more economically. Integrating a ButterflyMX system with Keyscan Aurora allows tenants to manage access to their facility from their ButterlyMX smartphone app using the permissions set in the Aurora database.

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