dormakaba has refreshed its popular line of LA GARD electronic locks and keypads, including firmware functions and software, with updates for added security and usability. The new five-model LA GARD 700 series features a modern keypad design that maintains the physical security of the company’s longstanding locking mechanism with new features that meet and exceed market needs for personal, commercial, financial and government safes. The new LA GARD 700 Series includes: a modern, integrated keypad display for ease of operation and efficiency; easier programming on a large scale; improved battery life and quicker exchange; modern, updated software for robust management; and mobile access with BLE key fob as second credential or time-delay override. The product line allows users to start with its standard model and scale forward by replacing the control unit. The whole lock does not need to be replaced in order to gain access to the advanced functions in each tier. Additional options include low profile keypad, easy bolt switch and deadbolt configurations and extended warranty. The top tier includes Bluetooth technology. All tiers feature a low-profile keypad which uses a separate battery box for two 9-volt batteries.

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