The FaceStation F2 fusion multimodal terminal delivers authentication accuracy and anti-spoofing performance by the fusion of visual and infrared face recognition technology. The FaceStation F2 can also be combined with Suprema thermal camera to detect users with high skin temperature, and features mask detection capabilities to help prevent the spread of infectious viruses such as COVID-19. FaceStation F2 fusion multimodal terminal optimizes IR and visual face recognition to produce exceptional authentication results, achieving extremely low false acceptance rates of 1 in 10 billion. FaceStation F2’s deep-learning fusion algorithm provides face recognition and anti-spoofing performance, regardless of user ethnicity and face changes. The multimodal solution offers various means of authentication, including contactless facial recognition, mobile credential, fingerprint and card. The terminal also supports access-on-card feature that enables identification with biometric data saved on cards. FaceStation F2 can register up to 100,000 users’ fingerprints or 50,000 users’ face data. FaceStation F2 can be combined with Suprema’s thermal camera to detect and identify individuals with elevated skin temperature. 

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