Micro Key Solutions, a leading provider in central station and accounting software, released an enhanced version of their backup and continuity service offering product, Micro Vault.

With the threats of cyber-attacks continuing to evolve, the security industry is constantly in search of products and services that can provide the highest level of protection for their customer databases. Micro Vault provides Micro Key customers a complete daily cloud backup and disaster recovery strategy that also includes a proprietary validation of the data. Unlike typical off-site and cloud backup products, Micro Key’s Rapid Recovery Option with Micro Vault Plus includes spinning up your company data into a secure Amazon Cloud server which eliminates down time and the need to wait for new hardware.

“In today’s world of data breaches and ransomware causing tremendous losses of both time and money, you need to be sure that your Micro Key database is protected,” said Stephen Kovacsiss, Micro Key’s director of cloud services. “With Micro Key’s MicroVault, you can rest assured that your database contains no errors, is backed up in an encrypted format, and in a secure off-site location in the case that your office infrastructure were to be compromised by one of these common occurrences. Your security is our responsibility with MicroVault.”

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