Senstar, a global provider of video management software and perimeter intrusion detection solutions, announced that its Senstar Symphony Access Control (AC) software now integrates with the new HID Aero Controller platform. To support this integration, Senstar is providing HID Aero Controllers as part of its access control offering. 

Available controllers include the HID Aero X1100 Intelligent Controller, X100 Door/Reader Interface Module, X200 Input Monitor Module and X300 Output Control Module. 

“HID Global has been providing secure, convenient access control systems for millions of customers around the world for many years,” said Senstar Product Manager Todd Brisebois. “We are happy to have Senstar Symphony AC now working with the industry’s most trusted brand of access control hardware and to provide the full software and hardware solution directly to our customers.” 

Senstar Symphony Access Control is a complete integrated electronic access control management software solution. Available as a tightly integrated extension to the Senstar Symphony Video Management Software, the module provides a full set of access control functions, including enrollment, scheduling, monitoring and reporting. 

Access control events can be used in the Senstar Symphony VMS as triggers for rules, camera call-up and alarm generation. Each alarm can be linked to a map location and multiple video feeds, enabling each event to be viewed from different camera perspectives or locations. For security personnel, this means only one application is required to monitor and respond to events, with live and recorded video being accessible from the Senstar Symphony VMS Windows, web and mobile clients. Installation and support are easier now since the VMS, AC and controllers are all from Senstar. 

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