NAPCO Security Technologies introduced new, easy, cloud-based programming available for its award winning, cost saving FireLink FACPs with onboard LCD annunciator and LTE cellular, or Cell/IP communicator. Giving pros more convenience and flexibility, cloud-based programming allows the FireLink to be programmed from any smart device or tablet, using easy drop-down menus (no special software, training or laptop required). 
FireLink Integrated 8-32 Pt Fire Alarm Control Panels start off as an 8-point, all-in-one cellular FACP solution, preprogrammed with an 8-point conventional default program, ideal for sprinkler supervisory, out-of-the-box. Now, the cloud programming adds ease of expanding and customizing the programming and panel across its max 32 zones, using any mix of conventional, addressable or wireless devices. 
In addition to new cloud programming, Dual Path FireLink models are now available on both AT&T LTE and Verizon LTE Cellular Networks for the best coverage everywhere. FireLink incorporates StarLink LTE’s superior cell performance with both Signal Boost amplification circuitry and twin dual diversity, precision LTE twin antennae design, maximizing signal acquisition, and avoiding multipath-effect clash-avoidance. Also, with StarLink Inside, FireLink FACPs are also eligible for the $100 dealer trade-up incentive on any application, old or new, bringing the value-packed fire system’s net price as low as $350.
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