Paladin Technologies announced that its U.S. entities, TekWorks and Lee Technology, are doing business as Paladin Technologies, effective January 1, 2021. Paladin merged with TekWorks, headquartered in California, in January 2019. Paladin also acquired Lee Technology, headquartered in Austin, Texas, in November 2020. This rebranding strategy reflects the evolution of the company as well as the vision for the future.

“We have been growing our presence in the US market for two years,” said Ted Reid, president of Paladin Technologies. “During that time, we have worked hard on instilling our core values and the teamwork emanating from this is now very apparent. Consequently, we felt this was the appropriate time to unite under one brand: Paladin Technologies. It is important to note that all existing teams will remain in place such that there will be no diminishment of our service levels or support at the local level.”

Paladin Technologies will retain all existing office locations as the team positions itself further across North America.

Reid added, “I am excited each day to work with the team that has aligned within our group of companies. This year in particular has presented endless examples of our people working together to ensure the success of our clients’ operations. Through our rebrand of the US operations, what I look forward to most is the opportunity it will provide to our people. Through training, collaboration, and development across all areas we do business, our company holds a bright future.”

Currently, Paladin Technologies is operating 18 offices with over 1,000 employees throughout its regions.